Restore facial volume quickly and easily with dermal fillers at Cell Renew! Dermal fillers allow Tampa patients to address moderate and harsh age lines, facial volume loss, thin lips, and much more.

The Dermal Fillers We Offer at Cell Renew

At Cell Renew, we provide the following injectable fillers:

  • RHA 2 – actively smoothens moderately deep facial wrinkles and lines, making it a versatile choice among dermal fillers. It’s particularly effective for enhancing cheeks and lips, providing a natural look and feel.
  • RHA 3 – Tailored for addressing deeper wrinkles and folds, this is a powerful option for cheek dermal fillers. It also enhances the lips, delivering lasting results and effective facial contouring.
  • RHA 4 – known for volumizing larger areas of the face. It is a robust choice among cheek dermal fillers.
  • RHA Redensity – Specialized for the delicate under-eye area, this is a standout choice among dermal fillers. It effectively addresses fine lines and hollows, contributing to a refreshed look around the eyes, lips, and cheeks.
  • Restylane Contour – a premium dermal filler. It is crafted for sculpting and defining the cheeks. Its versatility extends to enhancing lips, providing a smooth and natural outcome, making it a top choice for the cheeks and lips.
  • Restylane Defyne – designed to treat deep facial lines and folds. It is a dynamic solution among dermal fillers. Its flexibility makes it ideal for cheek enhancements and addressing lines around the lips.
  • Restylane Kysse – a top dermal filler for the lips, enhancing lip volume and definition. It is also effective for cheek augmentation, providing a subtle yet noticeable enhancement for a harmonious facial profile.
  • Restylane Refyne – actively adapts to facial expressions, making it an excellent choice among dermal fillers for addressing moderate facial lines. It ensures a harmonious balance between smoothness and natural movement in both cheek and lip areas.
  • Restylane Lyft – known for restoring significant volume to the cheeks, this is a powerful dermal filler. It provides an active lift, contributing to a more youthful appearance in both cheek and lip regions.
  • Belotero Balance – a versatile choice among dermal fillers, effectively treating various facial lines, including those around the lips. Its smooth integration with the skin makes it a reliable option for both cheek and lip enhancements.
  • Revanesse Lips+ – designed for lip enhancement, delivering plumpness and definition. It’s a preferred choice for achieving voluminous and well-defined lips.
  • Voluma XC – contributes to mid-face fullness, providing an active solution for a youthful appearance in the cheeks and around the lips.

Each dermal filler we offer in Tampa is specialized to address various cosmetic issues. We will recommend the ideal filler for your specific goals during your personalized consultation.

Nose Augmentation with Dermal Fillers

Cosmetic issues like a nasal hump can be addressed non-surgically when clients in Tampa come in for nose augmentation with dermal fillers. Also called a liquid nose job, this filler treatment improves the dimensions of the nose without any need for rhinoplasty.

Chin Augmentation with Dermal Fillers

A weak or recessed chin doesn’t have to be a problem forever. We can subtly improve chin volume using chin augmentation with dermal fillers, enhancing facial balance.

Jawline Augmentation with Dermal Fillers

The jawline may sag as a person ages, leading to the formation of jowls. If you want a stronger jawline, consider jawline augmentation in Tampa with dermal fillers. These injectables create new volume in key areas of the jawline, filling in depressions and resulting in natural-looking improvement.

Undereye Dark Circle Repair with Dermal Fillers

Tired of looking exhausted and stressed? Dark circles under the eyes can be reduced using undereye dark circle repair with dermal fillers! Filler injections in the tear troughs restore volume, making shadows under the eyes disappear.

Lip Fillers

Clients who are unhappy with their thin or drooping lips are excellent candidates in Tampa for injectable lip fillers. This form of non-surgical lip augmentation is an extremely popular way to improve volume, definition, and pout. It can even smooth away lipstick lines, also called perioral wrinkles or smoker’s lines.

Cheek Augmentation with Dermal Fillers

Hollow and gaunt cheeks can make a person look older than they really are. At Cell Renew in Tampa, we can restore your youthful facial contours with the help of injectable fillers! Cheek augmentation with dermal fillers brings the volume back to your cheeks.

Smile Line Rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers

Smile lines, also called the nasolabial folds, are deep age lines that many treatments cannot address effectively. Many soft-tissue fillers are specifically designed to fill severe age lines like the nasolabial folds. Thanks to smile line rejuvenation with dermal fillers, we can restore a smooth and youthful appearance to the midface area.

Are Dermal Fillers Right for Me?

Patients in Tampa with depressed areas or moderate to harsh lines are ideal candidates for dermal fillers. Candidates do not want surgical facelift procedures and are looking for non-surgical skin rejuvenation or augmentation.

Candidates must have realistic expectations and must be willing to follow skincare recommendations for lasting results.

Your Consultation

When you come to Cell Renew for a consultation in Tampa, we will ask you about your skin concerns and goals for dermal fillers. A skin evaluation will help us determine the suitable dermal fillers you can choose from.

Once you have chosen a dermal filler, we will create a treatment plan based on the dermal filler and your skin rejuvenation goals. We will discuss the details of your treatment plan. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Dermal Filler Session

A dermal filler session in Tampa can last around 20 minutes to an hour depending on the treatment area. The session will start by disinfecting the treatment areas to prevent infection. The injection sites may be numbed to make the patient more comfortable during treatment.

The chosen dermal filler will be injected in small amounts according to the treatment plan. Many fillers contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic, for effective numbing. The injected areas will then be cleansed. An ice pack may be used to reduce the discomfort after treatment.


The patient is allowed to go home after receiving their aftercare instructions. No recovery period is needed. Minimal bruising, tenderness, itching, and swelling may be experienced. The patient should avoid sun exposure and cosmetic products for a few days or until the bruising and swelling have subsided.

Results are typically visible immediately. They may last for anywhere from six to eighteen months or in some cases even longer, depending on the chosen filler. After this point, patients can return for maintenance treatments.

How Much Do Dermal Fillers Cost?

The cost of a dermal filler treatment session in Tampa is based on factors like the specific issues being addressed. The client’s aesthetic goals are also taken into account when determining price, as are the type and amount of filler used.

Schedule Your Consultation to Learn More About Dermal Fillers in Tampa

The best way to find out more about dermal fillers in Tampa is by contacting Cell Renew! Schedule your appointment for a consultation to go over our many filler options with one of our experienced aesthetic experts.

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