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Non-surgical rhinoplasty allows Tampa patients to get the rhinoplasty results they deserve without any frustrating recovery time. This cosmetic injectable filler treatment reshapes the nose by depositing filler in precise areas.

What Is non-surgical nose procedures with Dermal Fillers?

Traditional rhinoplasty has a lot of downsides: incisions, painful downtime, major bruising and swelling, nasal splints and casts, and a hefty price tag. With non-surgical nose procedures with dermal fillers, these can all be avoided!

non-surgical nose procedures with dermal fillers, also called non-surgical rhinoplasty or a liquid nose job, uses strategic filler injections to enhance the nose’s contours. Fillers add temporary volume to the structure of the nose in key areas, allowing for correction of a variety of aesthetic issues.

This minimally invasive treatment can be used to even out the nasal bridge in order to reduce the appearance of a mild nasal hump. It can also improve the tip of the nose.

The Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Process

A liquid nose job begins with cleansing of the nose and face. Anesthetic may be administered to the nose, but because many of our fillers contain local anesthesia, it may not be necessary. The chosen dermal filler will then be precisely injected into predetermined areas of the nose, achieving the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Am I a Good Candidate for non-surgical nose procedures with Dermal Fillers?

Patients who are looking for an alternative to traditional rhinoplasty find liquid rhinoplasty to be an ideal solution. If you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients in your chosen filler, not currently pregnant or breastfeeding, and don’t have an active skin infection, you’re an ideal candidate for nasal filler injections.

The Consultation

During your consultation at Cell Renew, an aesthetic expert will examine the structure and contours of your nose. Your face will also be evaluated as a whole in order to ensure a procedure that focuses on facial balance and harmony.

The two of you will go over your non-surgical nose procedures goals, and your expert will talk to you about the enhancements that fillers can provide. Your medical history will also be discussed. This will include any allergies, pre-existing health conditions, and any current medications and herbal supplements.

Your aesthetic expert will talk to you about the process of non-surgical nose procedures with dermal fillers from start to finish. They will recommend a filler for your treatment session and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Liquid Rhinoplasty Aftercare

After your nasal enhancement with injectable fillers, you won’t need to take any time off from work for recovery. Instead, you’ll be able to go right back to your daily schedule!

Like all injections, filler injections can cause temporary minor swelling, redness, and bruising. These can make it difficult to see your final results initially. Once swelling has reduced, final results will be apparent.
To avoid exacerbating swelling, bruising, and redness, avoid sun exposure and alcohol. It’s also best to avoid heavy exercise routines.
The results of a non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment will fade in time, causing the nose’s original contours to return. To prevent this, patients can come in for maintenance treatments. Ask us about these during your consultation to learn more.

The Cost of non-surgical nose procedures with Dermal Fillers

When determining the price of non-surgical nose procedures with dermal fillers, several factors are considered. Factors that may affect cost include the specific improvements desired by the patient, along with the exact filler product chosen for injection.

Contact Cell Renew

To get started with non-surgical nose procedures with dermal fillers, Tampa patients can contact Cell Renew. We’ll help you set up an informative and helpful consultation so you can conveniently and effectively improve the look of your nose.

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